World Trade Center Ciudad de México (WTC)

WTC CMXis known today primarily as a giant meeting and convention center. The complex also includes the Siqueiros Cultural Center, a three-level shopping complex, movies theaters, and several residential towers.  The complex hosts more than 900 office spaces, several specialized health and beauty clinics, medical offices, meeting and training rooms, commercial spaces, restaurants, banks, a cultural and concert center, guesthouses and hotels, and enormous parking facilities. The Mirador 360º is the largest revolving restaurant in the world.

The international expo and convention center hosts some 2.5 million people every year. Normal years see about 80 different major exhibitions or expos. The World Trade Center name also covers most of the eastern part of the Napoles neighborhood.


The Pepsi Center WTC show center, located in Mexico City, obtained the LEED® Certification for Operations and Maintenance v4 at its Platinum level, in recognition of maximum efficiency in energy and water consumption and special waste management. .

The Pepsi Center WTC achieved Platinum status, with 83 points, through the Arc Platform, demonstrating extraordinary mitigation in the carbon footprint of its operations. Likewise, this rating is made up of the percentage of waste sent to recycling centers and the high connectivity of the building with the city, offering occupants alternative transportation options to their own automobile.

This event space was inaugurated in 2012 and is part of the World Trade Center, one of the most complete urban complexes in Latin America, sharing a place with the International Center for Expos and Conventions (CIEC), a property that also has LEED Platinum Certification.

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The venue was originally built for staging large music concerts. Initially called the Autódromo, it could accommodate up to 50,000 people. From 2000 to 2014, it was used as a baseball stadium as well, hosting the Diablos Rojos de Mexico and Tigres de Mexico. Foro Sol is the second-largest concert venue in Mexico City.


The Plaza de toros México, situated in Mexico City, is the world’s largest bullring. This 41,262-seat[1] facility is usually dedicated to bullfighting, but many boxing matches have been held there as well, including Julio Cesar Chavez’s third bout with Frankie Randall. The Plaza México replaced the ancient bullring Toreo de la Condesa in the Condesa neighborhood that was overwhelmed by the rapid growth of population in the capital. It opened on 5 February 1946 and annually since then, that date marks the date of the Corrida de Aniversario. This building was built beside the football stadium Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes (formerly Estadio Azul).


The majestic Metropolitan Cathedral is considered, along with the Plaza de la Constitución, a World Heritage Site. It is the largest cathedral in Latin America, with a floor plan in the shape of a Latin cross with three fabulous main doors that open onto the Zócalo square and 14 sorrounding chapels.

Three centuries of history

The cathedral was built over three centuries and that is why it is a compendium of the architectural styles of the viceroyalty: renaissance, baroque and neoclassical, are all reflected in the building. The current church was inaugurated in 1667, although its exterior was completed in 1813.


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